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Carpal Tunnel Healed

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Published on: 12/20/2011

Last Wednesday, December 14th, was my 49th birthday. To celebrate it, as many do, I decided to take the day off from work. However, instead of spending it relaxing, reading a book, or going to the movies, I used the free time to scrape the 1970s accoustic “popcorn” off the ceiling in our front bedroom. I know, what a strange way to celebrate my personal day! But for me it was the perfect way to embark on a new adventure: converting a prior “business office” into our new Reiki Treatment room.

It took me about 4 hours to get the job completed, and then to my delight, Mary took me to “The Firehouse” restaurant in Old Sacramento for one of the most wonderful meals I’ve ever had! I felt like a queen! Thank you, Sweetie, for a beautiful closure to my personal day.

With my birthday celebration over, I then decided to use the next couple of days to finish the office conversion with a new paint job (a light lavender with white trim. We chose lavender because of its high vibrational color). Then on Sunday, I headed over to my Mom’s for our weekly visit. And, it was while giving her a Reiki treatment that I noticed something absolutely wonderful: my hands were not bothering me. Normally, after doing so much repetitive work (scraping the ceiling and painting an entire room) my hands would be horribly swollen, painful, and falling asleep. Instead I only noticed a slight soreness in my right hand.

Having suffered with carpal tunnel disorder ever since working in a window processing plant in the late 1980s; things as simple as holding a phone to my ear, or driving my car would cause my hands to fall sleep. And repetitve tasks like painting would leave me unable to grasp small objects, or do mundane tasks. But no longer! Apparently, the wonderful Reiki energy flowing through my hands has healed me of carpal tunnel syndrome! Praise God! I am truly blessed indeed!


Hand Position Chart

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Published on: 12/09/2011


With the simple act of placing the hands on oneself or on another person Reiki energy automatically flows. You would usually start with drawing the Dai Ko Myo, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei He Ki and Cho Ku Rei symbols over the client, three times for each symbol. Than you start channeling Reiki energy through your hands to yourself or to the recipient’s head, front of the body, back, knees and feet. This enables the energy to flow right to the source of the problem and not just the manifesting symptom. Reiki energy goes to where ever the recipient needs it most. Remember not to force where the energy is going, just let it flow through you to your client. During a typical session place your hands on the different locations of the body for 3-5 minutes each, or hold until you feel you should move your hands away (use your intuition). Cup hands slightly, fingers holding together, the lighter the touch the better. You or your client should be lying down comfortably on a treatment table or sitting on a chair if they so wish. (taken from


Reiki as a Complimentary Treatment for Cancer

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Published on: 07/16/2011

On July 8th, 2011 we received a message from Emily Walsh, a Reiki Master, wanting to know if we’d be willing to post one of her articles on our blog. After doing a search on Emily, I found that she has been posting articles on using Reiki as a complimentary treatment for cancer on several other sites. So we invited Emily to submit her article, and posted it under a new section called “Complimentary Treatments: Cancer“. Please take some time to read Emily’s article as I know you will find it both fascinating and encouraging.

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