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We thought it might be very interesting to present some examples of treatments we’ve done, so you can see how Reiki works.  Here are some of those treatments (we have changed their names to a single letter for confidentiality reasons):

“D” (cancer)

“D” was in the beginning stages of his cancer treatment, having just undergone his first round of chemo, when I did a Reiki treatment on him.  Not yet losing weight, he still had his strength, but was suffering from a broken rib (a side effect of his medication and the cancer).  Hoping to keep him as comfortable as possible, I brought my massage table into work, and set it up in a back conference room so we could have some privacy.

I started the treatment intending to give him a complete chakra balancing, but soon felt the need to focus primarily on the middle of his back.  At the time I knew he had cancer, but didn’t know what kind or where.  And, since he was very sore (couldn’t lie on his stomach or his side), I worked mainly over his heart chakra, knowing his body would pull the energy directly where it needed it most.

During the treatment, both “D” and I became very warm, and when I was done, he sat up and exclaimed at how wet his back felt.  Upon closer inspection I commented that the center of his upper back was soaked (in one round spot), and it was still very warm.  I would later learn that he has cancer of the thymus gland, which is directly over the heart, and causes great pain in this very spot.

Benefits he received:  His back pain was greatly lessened, and he was very relaxed.  He said to me, “This is great because the one thing I can’t do is relax; because of the pain.”


I’m certain if he had allowed me to continue giving him Reiki treatments on a regular basis, “D” would be doing much better today.  However, because of pressure from his family, he has chosen to stick with conventional medicine. It has been very difficult to watch as his health continues to decline.  He has lost a tremendous amount of weight, and continues to suffer from cracked ribs (he has broken at least 4).  Just six months ago, “D” was vibrant and healthy, taking long walks on a daily basis.  Today, however, he is a shell of his former self, looking more like an old man.  In fact, I was walking towards the bathroom the other day, and saw a little old man enter the men’s room.  When I realized it was “D”, I became very shocked and saddened.  If only he would continue his Reiki treatments, things might be very different.


“W” (back injury to T8 through T10 and depression.  Distance Healing)

“W” injured his back while playing football in high school, and now wears what he calls “combat gear” (a brace) to help relieve some of his pain.  He also is a vet and suffers from depression.

After hearing his story, Mary and I offered to do a long distance healing session for both the depression and back pain (“W” lives in Utah, and we live in CA, so doing an in-house treatment is not possible). When then coordinated the time with “W”, and readied our treatment room using a large Teddy Bear as his stand-in.  We placed the Teddy Bear on our Reiki table, and strategically placed hematite all around the bear (for grounding), and the following stones over all the 7 chakras:  Garnet (Root), Tiger Eye (Sacral), Citrine (Solar Plexus), Rose Quartz (Heart), Blue Lace Agate (Throat), Lapis Lazuli (Third Eye) and Amethyst (Crown).  We then set a herkamer diamond and a piece of pyrite on either side of his head (this is for mental/emotional healing).

Mary and I then spent 30 minutes treating various areas of “W”‘s body.  I focused mainly on his head (crown and third eye chakras, with special focus on his eyes and ears).  I then moved down to his heart, and then his middle back (T8 thru T10).  Mary worked on his solar plexus, heart and head.  I then finished up with a grounding.

This is what “W” sent us via email:

“Thank you! IF anyone has doubts about what you do? Please, send them to me. I have NO doubts it works! I highly recommend you both in the work you do. First I felt relaxed as always, then I felt a tingling throughout my body. FYI: I did not have to wear any “combat gear” today.”

We also called him after the session, and he explained that his pain was gone and he felt great.  We recommended that he repeat his long distance treatment at least once per week, and he agreed.

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